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Rawlings Contracting, LLC

Rawlings Contracting (RC) specializes in providing project and construction management services to non-profit organizations and community development agencies to create affordable housing opportunities to low and middle income individuals and families. These agencies utilize our 20 years of construction experience for the acquisition and project management of Affordable Single-Family Units. The services provided to the affordable housing development industry are organized into the following phases:Type your paragraph here.

Predevelopment:  We can assist with site selection, scope development, feasibility studies, acquisition proposals, cost estimation and preliminary budget and schedule preparation that are critical to feasibility of the project. 

Design:  We provide various design phase services that include: design review, constructability review, value engineering and contingency analysis. We evaluate the most cost-effective designs and systems to ensure that essential functions are procured at the lowest total life-cycle cost while making sure standards of performance, quality, reliability, operation and safety are met.

Procurement:  We can assist with bid packaging, general contractor selection and contract negotiations with the contractor. We conduct pre-construction meetings and partnering sessions.  

Construction:  Our responsibilities include: project coordination, leading and managing construction meetings, construction monitoring, change order management, cost and schedule control, and payment application review and approval. RC also provides quality assurance inspections, safety monitoring and document control.

Closeout:  During closeout, occupancy and acceptance procedures help to ensure a smooth transition from construction to usage of the facility. RC can assist with as-built drawings, final punch lists, guarantees, warranties, affidavits, lien releases, bonds, waivers, O&M manuals, and final review and acceptance.